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We won Best Community from ljawards!

This is a community for Harry Potter fans to discuss opinions on the books and movies, rumors about upcoming movies, latest news and anything Harry-related!

The Rules

1. Be courteous, kind, respectful, etc... of all other club members at all times. If I see what appears to be flaming I'll delete the remarks immediately, and if it persists? The boot.

2. If at any time you wish to reveal any information that is or could be considered a SPOILER, then please use an lj-cut with the appropriate warning.

3. See this post for rules regarding advertising of RPGs or other communities. Entries that do not follow those guidelines will be deleted.

4. If you have any complaints or questions you can e-mail me at kenzie@livejournal.com, or leave me a comment in my personal journal: kenzie.

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Special thanks to: charlieweasley